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Family Meals Start Before Dinner Time 
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It may seem hard enough to get a family together for dinner let alone for the preparations for dinner, but it can be done. While there are a lot of complaints today that families no longer have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal together, more families are incorporating the family meal into their week. Choosing to cook a traditional Italian family meal can actually help to bring a family together. This is because there is a lot more that goes into an Italian meal than simply pulling dinner out of the oven and sitting down to enjoy eating good food together. Italian families traditionally enjoy all of the different aspects of a meal together whenever possible. This includes everything from shopping for the ingredients to preparing and eating an authentic Italian dinner together too. These families understand that this is a great way in which everyone can spend time together even if time together is limited.

When including the family in shopping and preparing the family meal, these suggestions will make it easier:

  • Take turns choosing the menu
  • Pair up a younger child with an adult or older child
  • Give everyone a task
  • Shop in small groups
  • Do not use the dinner table to discuss problems
  • Have positive interaction


Usually grocery shopping is a chore. You can try to get everyone to go or take turns with different groups of members of the family. One of the best ways to enjoy Italian food is by actually shopping for fresh ingredients to use. Of course, this only begins after everyone actually sits down together to decide what to make and then figures out what ingredients actually need to be purchased. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your children love going to the farmer’s market to help you purchase fresh herbs and vegetables. This is also a great way to spend quality time together. Even if you are going to use all store bought ingredients, everyone can still be involved in the process. Shop for just the ingredients for dinner and dessert to keep it fun. Save rest of the grocery shopping for another time.


Italians have always, and still do, prepare great meals together as a multigenerational family. Parents, children, grandparents, and other relatives would all come together to help prepare the meal. Of course, this is a great way in which to spend some extra time with your family even in todayÂ’s society, when both parents usually work outside of the home and everyone seems to have a lot of different activities to attend or participate in. Cooking dinner together as a family can be a great time for parents and children to spend time together. The best way in which to incorporate preparing a meal together into your busy lifestyle is to use Italian recipes. This is especially great since most people really like this type of food. By gathering together to prepare a meal you will not only enjoy the preparation together and quality time together as a family, but valuable life skills of shopping and cooking are also learned.


Remember that the family table should still be very important today. With the long hours that many parents spend outside of the home each day, the only real time that is left to spend together is at mealtime. Eating is something everyone needs to do every day. It is also interesting to note that research has shown that families that eat together are much closer to each other. The children who have family dinners together are the children who also tend to do better in school and don’t get into nearly as much trouble. Of course, this should come as no surprises whenever you consider just how family oriented traditional Italians are. They enjoy sitting together, eating, talking, laughing, and sharing with their families. These Italian family traits can become your family traits. For times when you don’t want to prepare an Italian family dinner, you can go to Mama Jennie’s in the Miami Dade and Broward county area in Florida.

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