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Fun Summer Activities with Kids - Keeping the Children Entertained This Summer 
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Are you searching for fun summer activities with kids? Now that school is out, most parents are worried about how to entertain their children this summer especially if they haven't signed them up for a camp.

1. Go to a museum. Many museums are free and will give them a great education. It is a chance to see some cool stuff and get out of the summer heat.

2. Go for a swim. Many kids love splashing around in the water even if they haven't learned how to swim yet. There are many pools and waterparks to enjoy summer activities with kids. You can toss around a ball, float on a raft, play water games or just cool off.

3. Play a game of soccer. Even though it is hot outside, many kids still enjoy kicking around a soccer ball with their friends. Many elementary school kids followed the world cup and are excited abou soccer. Watching and playing are fun summer activities with kids.

4. Go to a baseball game. It is the all-American past time. Not only will you find enjoyment watching an evening game of baseball, but your kids may be inspired to become more active as well. Watching and playing baseball are two great summer activities with kids.

5. Outdoor concerts. Check with your local recreation center to find out what is being offered. Many parks have great outdoor concerts especially for kids!

6. Screen on the green. Although drive-ins may be dead, many local parks, colleges or schools will set up a screen and invite people to watch a movie under the stars. It is a great way to spend an evening in the summer.

7. Try a new hobby. Beat the heat and try some arts and crafts. Kids can stay indoors and learn pottery, try their hand at watercolors or even basketweaving. Arts and crafts are great summer activities with kids because it stimulates their imagination and makes them use their creativity.

8. Finish that summer reading list! If the school didn't assign books for the students to read over the summer, check with a librarian for age appropriate books. A trip to the library can launch a kids reading addiction. Also askthe librarian if they sponsor summer activities with kids. Libraries often have special programs for children.

9. Go camping. Exploring the great outdoors, hiking, camping and fishing are all great summer activities with kids. Finding great summer activities with kids can be challenging. Their interests are not always yours. It is great to do their favorite activities, but a good idea to challenge them to try new things. Summer activities with kids should be an opportunity for exploration and enjoyment for the both of you.

M.Curle is an educator. Read more about the summer toys to keep your kids entertained. 
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