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Should I Sign up my Child in the Martial Arts? 
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With the launch of the most recent Karate Kid motion picture last week, many people are concerned about whether they should sign up their kids in a martial arts school. If you or your kid has never joined a karate class prior, it could be a frightening decision that comes with many questions.

The greatest concern amongst most parents is if their kid is going to be safe when practicing with other children. That is definitely a very real concern, because quite a few of the martial arts have some contact with other children when practicing self-defense techniques, throws, or sparring. Nonetheless, most trainers ask for assistance from assistant instructors during children's classes to try to reduce accidents from occurring. Additionally, most dojos enforce a minimum age requirement for sparring and other techniques that entail contact between students.

The greatest advice I can give you would be to observe your child take at least one introductory class before becoming a member of any martial arts school. It will be possible to tell very quickly whether or not your kid is comfortable in the dojo by his or her body language when interacting with other children and the trainers. In many towns, you will find a number of schools to select from, which means you will most likely want to visit a few prior to registering with any school.

The second most important issue amongst many parents is the level of dedication to training martial arts classes will demand of their child. Much like any sport or pursuit, your child has a better rate of success when they go to every class and spend time practicing outside of class. Based on your child’s athletic abilities, he or she may be able to realize success without practicing at your home, but the typical martial artist spends a lot of time every day honing their skills.

That said, a good number of parents worry their child’s schooling will come second to the martial art, and their children's grades will begin to fall. Yet, a good number of martial art schools now have a policy in place enforcing that kids maintain a certain grade point average if they would like to partake in classes. By and large, the advantages to placing your youngster in a karate school outweigh the cons.

Nearly all teachers place a heavy emphasis on respect for authority and discipline, which can be tremendously valuable traits for your kids to get educated about during their impressionable childhood. In a good number of schools, kids are trained that unfavorable activities like fighting, drug use, bad language, and vandalism are not allowed and will ultimately result in an expulsion from upcoming classes.

With as many as 64% of Americans overweight, boys and girls can enormously benefit from keeping active in a healthy athletic activity like Karate or Jiu Jitsu. A lot of martial arts offer a substantial amount of physical exercise for their participants, and by teaching your kids the pleasure of physical activity at a youthful age, they have a significantly better possibility of turning into healthy grown ups. As they enhance and get in healthier shape, children are apt to see an increase in self-esteem, which can make a considerable difference in other aspects of his or her life.

Certainly the biggest benefit of enlisting your child in karate is that he or she will learn a new set of skills that hopefully will help them defend themselves if attacked. Even though fighting is looked down on in most karate schools, self-defense techniques are a normal component of the program. Teachers try to coach students to protect themselves in conditions where they are bullied or in physical danger. As a parent, you can sleep better at night knowing that your child is not defenseless in the case of a kidnapping attempt.

After reading this article, if you are still reluctant to enroll your child in a dojo, you may possibly want to give consideration to taking a class with your kid to reduce any concerns you may have. I think you will quickly realize that there is very little to be worried about.

As a father and karate practitioner, article writer Kyle Keniston is the proprietor of a martial art supplies business called Karate Mart. You may take a look at his web page at 
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