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View Jeltje Simons Thoughts About the Biological Parents of Internationally Adopted Children 10/17/2015 Before I adopted I had some ideas about birth families and the children available for adoption and it all appeared quite straight forwards. In the case of adoption every legal tie with the birth family is cut, the child becomes your own as would have been the case by birth, and you live happily ever after.. . The reality is of course a little more complicated.
View Joe Webb Fostering contact with birth families 3/21/2010 Contact is usually increased during a foster child's placement if the placement is stable, there is good communication and improved relationships.
View Charlotte Laws Confessions of an Adopted Child 8/15/2007 As an adopted child, I felt ideologically out of place. I wondered if a person could have a genetic predisposition towards particular moral values or favored activities? Could DNA be a factor in a person's attraction to sports or vintage automobiles? Research says the answer may be yes.
View ron7650 How I Locate My Birth Parents 6/4/2007 How I used free and low cost internet sources to locate my birth parents. Discover how one man overcame the obstacles and beat the odds. Kevin Witten chronicles his 16 year search for his birth parents, beginning with youthful curiosity at 12 years of age and becoming an overwhelming desire to trace his roots by age 28.

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