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View Jim Duffy Teen Diets and Protein Requirements 4/19/2010 Teenagers sometimes have poor diets. They additionally have an increased need for good nutrition because they continue to be growing and their brains are continuing to grow and develop. Regrettably, this really is additionally the age group that is most likely to develop a severe eating disorder like anorexia nervosa or bulimia. “Eating disorders are among the ten most frequent causes of disability among young women…Anorexia Nervosa is probably the most devastating of those with some 10% of those afflicted with the condition literally starving themselves to death. Currently it's estimated that between 1-4% of the population of teens and college aged women have either anorexia or bulimia
View Jim Duffy Fighting Childhood Obesity Through Good Eating 4/15/2010 At long last, a positive resolution concerning America’s tough and costly campaign to curtail childhood obesity is appearing. For the thousands of kids and their families who are at this moment waging war with childhood obesity, this fantastic information is extremely exciting.
View Doctor PharmD Childhood obesity prevention should begin early in life, possibly before birth 4/7/2010 Most obesity prevention programs?including the national initiative recently launched by First Lady Michelle Obama?target kids age 8 and older.
View Bernard and Nancy Duke Is Your Child Eating A Healthy Lunch In School? 3/26/2010 One of the hottest subjects in the media recently is childhood obesity. For years, people allowed their kids to drink juice and bologna sandwiches with out much consideration. Then again, new studies have proven that almost all inexpensive juices are created primarily from sugar and also that processed meats are high in fat and salt. Parents understand they have the option of having their children get school lunches, but do the schools supply nutritious meals?
View Monique Schlosser Who Is Going To Save Our Children? 3/9/2010 Save Our Children From Obesity! Approximately 25 percent (or one in four children) are considered overweight. Parents, what are we doing to our children?
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