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View suegold Learn About Vitamin A 4/10/2009 Vitamin A was first discovered back in 1912, by a Polish biochemist named Casimir Funk. He came up with the word vitamine, which was later given the name vitamin. Funk was the first to discover vitamins as we know them today, although vitamin A was actually the first one discovered, hence the letter "A" in the title of the vitamin. You can find vitamin A in natural foods such as oranges and yellow fruits.
View kulwinder 05 Healthy Food for Good Health 7/3/2008 Summer is definitely the time of year when produce is at its peak, and there's no reason why we can't get at least 5 servings - and preferably more - of wonderfully fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables. Your body (and taste buds) will thank you!
View Kamal Kaushal Healthy Snacks 7/2/2008 Summer's here, and that means that many children will be at home with more time for snacking. While many would love a cabinet filled with sweet treats for snacks, it's much better if you can get them into the habit of healthy snacks.
View Mahia Brown Dieting for Children 10/19/2009 It's difficult in the planet we have a tendency to live in to observe as so several kids are literally overburdening their bodies at such young ages by being overweight. These youngsters simply cannot run, jump, and play with the opposite kids for the reason that their bodies simply can not enable them to try to to so. For these kids, dieting is sort of a necessity despite our best efforts to insulate them from the self-esteem issues that usually accompany obesity.
View rwakefield Incorporate These Superfoods In Your Cooking To Improve Your Wellbeing 7/11/2008 This article explores superfoods and how they can help improve different aspects of our health. It includes a list of 10 widely acclaimed superfoods with the specific benefits.
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