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View Aaron Stanlich 6 Excellent Ways Avocados Keep You Healthy 11/5/2008 Avocados, are nicknamed "alligator pears" because of their bumpy skins, and come in several varieties. Some have a green covering while others are dark purple or almost black. Avocados can be either smooth or bumpy. Some are small, and others weigh as much as 4 pounds. Yet, when you slice them open, they all have the same delicious light green, nutty-flavored flesh inside.
View Alitsa Neuyo Vitamin A - An insight 4/19/2008 Casimir funk, a Polish biochemist discovered Vitamin A in 1912 and named it as ‘Viatamine’, which transformed to Vitamin over a period of time. The vitamins were introduced to the world by Funk, and it got named Vitamin A, as it was the first vitamin to be discovered, and accordingly using the alphabetical order ‘A’ was taken and placed with the name-Vitamin, hence forming Vitamin A.
View Bernard and Nancy Duke Is Your Child Eating A Healthy Lunch In School? 3/26/2010 One of the hottest subjects in the media recently is childhood obesity. For years, people allowed their kids to drink juice and bologna sandwiches with out much consideration. Then again, new studies have proven that almost all inexpensive juices are created primarily from sugar and also that processed meats are high in fat and salt. Parents understand they have the option of having their children get school lunches, but do the schools supply nutritious meals?
View Brad Barr Vitamin C - The Secret Nutrient 12/17/2009 How could vitamin C be a secret? Everybody knows people need it to stay alive and healthy. For example, most people are aware of its role in preventing scurvy. Sailors on long, ocean-going voyages commonly got scurvy, a disease characterized by spongy gums, loosened teeth and bleeding into the tissues, from the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables - thus the slur, “scurvy knave!” Factoid side note: in 1795 the British Navy began issuing limes, which are full of vitamin C, to its sailors for this very reason. Brits are called “Limeys,” right?
View Chris Robertson Produce Powerhouses: Fruit and Vegetables that Pack a Nutritional Punch 2/12/2008 When it comes to nutrition, all produce isn't created equal. Indeed, some fruit and vegetables are much more nutritionally dense than others. Read on to find out which pack the most nutritional punch.
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