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View Monica Craft Bulimia affected Teens 1/13/2007 Bulimia is an eating disorder that mostly affects young women of 12. Characteristics of bulimia include episodic binge eating followed by feelings of guilt and self-condemnation. Bulimia can actually damage a person's stomach and kidneys as a result of constant vomiting. Bulimia can also cause a person's teeth to decay because of the acids that come up into the mouth while vomiting. Teens suffering from bulimia often show signs of the eating disorder by eating a large amount of food in a small time frame and immediately purging themselves of the food ingested by causing themselves to vomit.
View Elizabeth Radisson Nutrition and Eating Disorders 3/9/2007 As children progress into their teen years, they become concerned about their appearance. A child’s body and hormones change during puberty. Many children at this point begin to feel self-conscious about their shape and size and their outlook on life can change for the worse. New social pressures are also introduced into a child’s life with the onset of puberty.
View wyatt Baby Bottle Weaning 9/24/2007 Pediatricians and child experts say that babies have to be weaned from their bottles starting at 12 months.
View greywolf Why Potatoes And Other White Foods Are So Healthy To Eat 12/18/2007 I'd like to begin a little discussion about carbohydrates... and in particular, "white foods" as well as potatoes. One reason I mentioned this is because so many health and fitness professionals bad mouth potatoes about being a bad carbohydrate option because of the high glycemic index. Some even say such ridiculous things as "shun any and all white carbohydrates".
View dhamza What Are Some Treatments for Eating Disorders? 12/19/2007 Anorexia is a life threatening psychological condition where a person believes he or she is too obese; never thin enough, resulting in self-starvation and indulgent exercising to the point of malnutrition.
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