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Binge Eating 
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Binge eating affects way too many people across North America. It is a way for people to deal with their stress, depression or with low self-esteem. Food can be a real comfort, but when it turns into a binge every couple of days that causes a major gain in weight, it might be time to stop and ask one’s self if this binging habit is becoming a problem. There are some cases where uncontrollable eating habits were not caused by another problem, but many are. Some binging happens as a result of a person’s depression, lack of confidence or stress. People who have a problem often feel guilty or embarrassed for binging, do not feel entirely satisfied that the food is a comfort, eat whenever they feel stressed out, or eat continuously without even really realizing it.

Binge eating can turn into a serious disorder when not dealt with. It can lead to serious health problems, such as increased chance of heart attacks, diabetes for example. How can therapy or counseling help someone get away from binge eating? Believe it or not, seeking help from a therapist or counselor can help a person to change their eating habits for the better. As mentioned before, binge eating can usually be an emotional response to stresses occurring in the person’s life that the patient is not usually aware of. A therapist can help the patient to address their true issues and then work with them to find healthier ways to deal with these issues. This can sometimes help the patient get away from their binging because what was actually bothering them has been dealt with.

Seeking therapy can be easier than a person thinks. What stops most from seeking therapy can be the apprehension of going in to consult a therapist or counselor in person. This, of course, can create more stress for the patient who then eats to cope with it and so does not really help the problem. There are online therapists and online counselors available if the person can get onto the internet. All the individual has to do is put in a search and they will be able to find an online therapist who can help them get away from their binge eating and into a healthier life.

The online therapist and the patient can message back and forth; the patient answering the therapist’s questions and the therapist giving out advice or suggestions that can help the patient with their eating disorder. Regardless of how the patient gets help, the first step to getting rid of the binge eating habit is to accept that one needs help. The next is to find a comfortable way to consult a therapist or a counselor who can work with them. The therapist can help the patient address any issues that might be causing the binging and can help work with the patient to make healthier eating decisions. The therapist will also most likely get the patient on a program that will promote a healthier diet and one that the patient will hopefully stick to for the sake of improving their health.

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