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Vitamin A - An insight 
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Casimir funk, a Polish biochemist discovered Vitamin A in 1912 and named it as ‘Viatamine’, which transformed to Vitamin over a period of time. The vitamins were introduced to the world by Funk, and it got named Vitamin A, as it was the first vitamin to be discovered, and accordingly using the alphabetical order ‘A’ was taken and placed with the name-Vitamin, hence forming Vitamin A. This vitamin type is available in fruits like yellow fruits and oranges and in vegetables like fats and spinach. In case of vegetables, vitamin A is available as beta carotene, which can be dissolved in water easily.

This substance is easy to eliminate from the human body with natural processes, hence leaving Vitamin A in the body, which is quite beneficial. To maintain a nice skin and perfect vision, the body needs vitamin a daily. A common belief is that consuming carrots is a good way of maintaining proper eyesight and also helps preventing night blindness. Against this belief, Ancient doctors from Egypt are believed to have prescribed consumption of liver to maintain eyesight and avoid night blindness.

Apart from this, this vitamin has a number of other benefits. Owing to its characteristics as an anti-oxidant, it is highly recommended for anti-aging and cancer prevention. It is also believed to affect the immune system positively. Fat needs to be consumed to avail proper intake of Vitamin A. Some of the people, who have low fats in their body or do not take sufficient diets, have greater chances of insufficient supplements than their imagination. Also, a sufficient volume of protein has to be consumed by a person for proper intake of Vitamin A in the body. This protein when combined with Vitamin A is beneficial for the human body, and also helps the Vitamin to move within the body. At least 5,000 international units (IU) of vitamin A should be consumed by a person everyday. This consumption requirement may vary based on other factors like the person’s age and health.

Beta carotene is supposedly the safest and the best form in which Vitamin A can be consumed, and may be consumed in large portions. Regardless of your age, large amount of consumption in the form of beta carotene is quite safe. Inadequate consumption of Vitamin A by a person, results in ‘deficiency’, which may further lead to other problems in the human body, like night blindness, infections and skin problems. If this is not handled well in time, it can even pose other threats like cancer. The skin would also be affected drastically and any effects of anti aging which the vitamins possess will not be of any benefit. Once aware of the deficiency, you should start consuming the necessary vitamin without any further delay. Even then the effects of the Vitamins would not be as much, as they would have if proper amount of vitamins were consumed everyday.

Excess of Vitamins may also cause serious problems. Over-consumption may lead to abdomen, bone and joint pains. In any case, be it under or over consumed, it always has a few side effects, so ensure consumption of the vitamins in appropriate amount. It is always suggested to plan your diet so that includes the vital Vitamin A in the food. It is available in different foods you take and in form of supplements as well. It is advisable to make ensure that the supplements you plan to consume offer the right amount of Vitamins and do not possess any side effects.

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