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Who Is Going To Save Our Children? 
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Save our children from obesity!

Take a look at the children and young teenagers around your area. Anything look different? Take a closer look at a large group of children playing in a local school yard or in a nearby playground. More and more children and young adults are getting heavier. In fact, obesity among children has tripled over the past three decades. Approximately 25 percent (or one in four children) are considered overweight according to the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Parents, what are we doing to our children? As a mother of 4 children, step mother of 2 children and grandmother of 5 precious grandchildren I am definitely concerned with the health of my children and grandchildren. Do you remember your concern about what you ate during pregnancy, whether or not to nurse your infant; which pacifier might be most orthodontically correct while keeping the baby content; when to introduce organic cereals, and baby foods? Now I see children less than two years of age sitting in front of the TV eating macaroni and cheese, a hot dog and red artificial juice. I don't know about you, but as a grandmother this is simply unacceptable. We are killing our kids with a painful slow death. Parents, it's time to wake up and become proactive on behalf of your kids! We all need to make a change whether we like it or not! If not, this is what your child's future holds:

    * Problems with insulin resistance
    * High blood pressure
    * Dyslipidemia (abnormal fats)
    * Premature heart disease
    * Diabetes

We can start being proactive by cleaning out our pantry.

Cleaning your pantry of harm

There are some things we do for our family just because we know it's the right thing to do. They may not appreciate it; they may even resent us for it. Sometimes they fight us tooth and nail, and the battle hardly seems worth engaging. One of those right things is trying to assure that our family eats a healthy diet. What a challenge that is in today's culture. Today we're going to take a giant leap forward toward our goal of bringing our family food - real food - and not harm. We're going to clean out the pantry. It's not difficult with this 3 step process:

    1. If it's been sitting in there for more than a year and it's unlikely you'll use it in the next year, throw it out. I don't care if it has a shelf life of eternity. Throw it out.
    2. Now check labels for expiration dates. If it's expired, throw it out, unless you have a compelling reason to keep it.
    3. While checking labels, if it has a list of ingredients you can't pronounce, then it's not really food at all. It's a bundle of man-made chemicals with tremendous potential to bring harm to your family; it's not good. Throw it out. this is where you need to be battle-hardened, because your children may be very unhappy indeed when you throw out their favorite nonfood food. But your arms are strong for the task, so never feat.
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