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View Mark Peterson Cognitive Therapy for Troubled Teens 12/18/2008 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy based on modifying cognitions, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors, with the aim of influencing disturbed emotions. The general approach, developed out of behavior modification, Cognitive Therapy has become widely used to treat various kinds of behaviors in adolescents including mood disorders and anxiety disorders.
View Ken Harrow Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Is It For You? 6/6/2010 Depression is usually a very arduous health condition with which to live. Though, if you are enduring depression or indeed anxiety, panic disorder, social phobias, generalize anxiety disorder, or else any one of a number of other emotional troubles one can endure, all isn't lost. Therapy can help with managing your symptoms plus treat these problems at the core. One form of therapy you may consider is cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT is also exceedingly effective for helping cope with physical disease such as cancer or diabetes.
View Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute 12/7/2008 This article describes the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute, which was formed to provide a certification process for therapists who want to practice this effective and evidence-based treatment for Complex Trauma and disorders of attachment. The article describes the Institute and its certification process to become certified as a therapist and consultant.
View Cathy Roll E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and childhood trauma issues 10/8/2008 Out of desperation to find help for my 2 adopted daughters and their trauma issues, I found a unique and unorthodox therapy. I am constantly reminded that, where my children are concerned, I am willing to try anything I think may benefit them.
View Michael South Eucalyptus: An Essential Oil Favorite 4/1/2008 Eucalyptus trees are considered by many to be among the most useful natural resource from the plant kingdom. The familar paper-like bark, dark olive leaves and curious seed pods are familiar to much of the world's population. Belonging to the same botanical familiy as the highly-regarded Tea Tree, the name 'Eucalyptus' means 'well covered', describing the the unique crown of the tree's flower. The trees can be quite majestic, growing upwards of 450 feet, particularly when found in their favorite moist, rich soils and temperate climates.
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