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View Sara-Jane Hardman and Jean Roe Mauro, LCSW Selecting a Therapist 5/15/2007 How to find the most effective therapist for your adopted child. If your child may be displaying behavioral, school or social problems it is important that you find a professional who is experienced in working with adopted children and understands the complexity of the issues.
View Harley Street What is counseling? 6/18/2010 Although in many ways similar to psychotherapy, counseling is often a shorter term treatment which tends to deal with more recent and often quite specific difficulties.
View N.P.Rygaard Therapy with adoptees in puberty 2/29/2008 The background of these reflections is a number of therapies with a uniform content matter: the adopted child enters puberty, and the family experiences a number of serious conflicts to the surprise of those involved. These conflicts often contain the element of intense anger towards the adoptive parents, some times even violence. I have tried to convey some reflections on useful ways of understanding this chain of events, hoping that they can be useful for therapists when planning the therapeutic sessions: 1. What is special about the bonding process between adoptive parents and the adoptee? 2. What problems may be generated by these circumstances? 3. How can you work?
View Michael South Eucalyptus: An Essential Oil Favorite 4/1/2008 Eucalyptus trees are considered by many to be among the most useful natural resource from the plant kingdom. The familar paper-like bark, dark olive leaves and curious seed pods are familiar to much of the world's population. Belonging to the same botanical familiy as the highly-regarded Tea Tree, the name 'Eucalyptus' means 'well covered', describing the the unique crown of the tree's flower. The trees can be quite majestic, growing upwards of 450 feet, particularly when found in their favorite moist, rich soils and temperate climates.
View Dr. Jennifer Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC What is psychoanalytical therapy all about? 10/9/2008 What do you know about psychoanalytical therapy? Find out what is means and how to acheive it through through online counseling?
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