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View Tania Tod Helping Korean adoptees understand their culture of origin 3/18/2011 International adoption comes with special challenges for the adoptees, who will be likely to have questions about their country of origin when they grow up.
View Sean Reynolds Nothing Is Simple About Chinese Surnames 7/3/2010 Over the centuries, Chinese surnames were a privilege denied a great many commoners. As recently as 2,000 years ago in China, using a family name was an honor reserved for nobility. Even when those restrictions were eased, mere commoners were only allowed to call themselves by certain names. Elite names were reserved for the aristocracy.
View Jack Hill How To Improve Your Grammar And Punctuation 5/20/2010 Individual words too can have relatively different meanings in different cultures depending upon expectations, values and experiences.
View Kevin Young Learn About Chinese Dialects 3/24/2010 No other language is spoken as widely around the globe than Chinese. Conservatively speaking, one of every five people worldwide speaks Chinese. “Putonghua”, more commonly Mandarin Chinese is the largest spoken form of Chinese in the Sinitic language family. Cantonese, Wu, Min are other varieties that are widely spoken. Let’s take a look at the predominant dialects.
View Alex Gwen Thomson Top Five Russian Dishes 12/15/2009 The first reason you ought to visit Russia on your next travel is the food. The top fiveRussian foods consist of simple, homegrown foods that are very tasty!
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