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View Roberto Bell Indian Food Options: What to Have for Breakfast & Lunch? 12/2/2008 Australians on holidays love a big breakfast to get them ready for the day's discoveries. Many Australians also love Indian food.
View fongsuimy The Best Chinese New Year Food 1/22/2009 Chinese New Year food is a big part of any new year celebration. In fact, the food is nothing less than central to the festivities. The Chinese New Year is similar to the Western one, but the differences are key. It is considered to be one of the most important holidays in the Chinese culture. Altern
View Eli Wyre The value of Father’s Day 5/28/2009 Everyone is aware of Mother’s Day; it is celebrated all over the world by children to show their immense love for their mothers. Likewise Father’s Day reflects the love children have for their fathers.
View fongsuimy Selecting Chinese Babies Names 11/25/2008 How do Chinese parents choose names for their babies? There are several ways this can be accomplished. The most popular way to name a baby is to base it on the parents' expectations about what kind of person the child will be. A person carries the name he is given for his whole life, so it is an ever
View lyn thomas Education Gap -Adult Students Twenty Five Years Too Late 6/8/2008 Imagine, never having seen your language written down and you are 30 years of age. Where did education fail ? How tiny would your world be?
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