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View Dr. D.S. Merchant Etiquette of Eating, Drinking and Clothing 5/12/2008 The host should offer water to wash the hands of his guests from the right to the left, washing his own last. When a man has guests with him, he should eat joyfully with them; he should be the last to begin to eat, and he should be the last to lave his hands before, and last to do so after, a meal (Kitab Majmu'at al-Hawashi, p. 59). When the host's relation are present at a meal, the host should wash his hands last, apart from the members of his own family (Daim al-Islam, p. 414)
View lyn thomas Ancient Culture And Modern Living Clash In A Death Defying Battle. 5/19/2008 The 2008 Vanuatu government elections challenge the growth and development of a nation. It also shows and reveals the desperate need to educate the next generation. Education of the kids is the key to the future. Kids as future leaders will move this Happiest Country on Earth into the 21st century.
View lyn thomas Education Gap -Adult Students Twenty Five Years Too Late 6/8/2008 Imagine, never having seen your language written down and you are 30 years of age. Where did education fail ? How tiny would your world be?
View lyn thomas Dancing To Two Tunes-Stars of the future need to dance 7/6/2008 The communities of the South Pacific have maintained their traditions for centuries. It is now time to move into the 21st century and dance to a different way. The young people need to reinforce their skills with a sound education.
View Michele De Capitani Vietnamese new year in Hanoi 11/3/2008 The first day of the new year is important for many cultures, both in the East and in the West. While people living in the West are used to celebrate the incoming new year in the night between the 31st December and the 1st January, celebrations in other parts of the world take place according to the lunar calendar.
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