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View Tania Tod Helping Korean adoptees understand their culture of origin 3/18/2011 International adoption comes with special challenges for the adoptees, who will be likely to have questions about their country of origin when they grow up.
View Sean Reynolds Nothing Is Simple About Chinese Surnames 7/3/2010 Over the centuries, Chinese surnames were a privilege denied a great many commoners. As recently as 2,000 years ago in China, using a family name was an honor reserved for nobility. Even when those restrictions were eased, mere commoners were only allowed to call themselves by certain names. Elite names were reserved for the aristocracy.
View Roberto Bell Indian Food Options: What to Have for Breakfast & Lunch? 12/2/2008 Australians on holidays love a big breakfast to get them ready for the day's discoveries. Many Australians also love Indian food.
View Richard Machin Traditional Chinese Food Is The Best 9/26/2009 No trip to China would be complete without getting a real taste of the wealth of foods on offer. Chinese food is famous all around the world, and not without reason. If you’re visiting China you’ll get the opportunity to try one of the world’s most famous cuisines in its traditional way and no one could argue with the fact that it’s also the best way.
View Michele De Capitani Vietnamese new year in Hanoi 11/3/2008 The first day of the new year is important for many cultures, both in the East and in the West. While people living in the West are used to celebrate the incoming new year in the night between the 31st December and the 1st January, celebrations in other parts of the world take place according to the lunar calendar.
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