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Selecting Chinese Babies Names 
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How do Chinese parents choose names for their babies? There are several ways this can be accomplished. The most popular way to name a baby is to base it on the parents' expectations about what kind of person the child will be.

A person carries the name he is given for his whole life, so it is an ever-present reminder of his parents' aspirations. Generally speaking, these aspirations can usually be classified into six categories. They are moral accomplishments, intelligence and scholarly achievements, health and beauty, wealth and position, safe and smooth life and independence and willpower. S

ome families name their children based on the birth order of the siblings. Some families have age-old traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation, which guide how the babies are named. These infants are named by using a system that is unique to each family -- one that has been defined by his or her ancestors.

A baby may also be named after a historical event or a theme from Chinese history. Lastly, there is a way of naming Chinese infants that is connected with astrology. A child may be named by using the time, month, or season of birth, or the animal sign that represents the birth year. A name may also be formatted using the Five Elements.

Since parents are likely to have different aspirations for their sons and daughters, there are further refinement to the technique of naming Chinese baby boys and Chinese baby girls. The expectation of a good man is that he will be devoted to his nation and his people. Additionally, he should have a strong moral character. He should be in good health, have ambition, be serious, be intelligent and make his family proud. For this reason, baby boys may be named in a manner that honors a specific ancestor and promotes the continuance of family business, as well as tradition. This can also include having high hopes, a strong character, a tremendous power of will and determination, a good sense of responsibility, physical strength and vitality, an open mind, great intelligence, and the willingness to be of service to the country and its citizens.

How about Chinese names for infant girls? Parents aspire for their girls to be virtuous, chaste, and loyal to family. They should be mindful of housekeeping, take good care of the family, and have strong affection for their siblings. Girls are expected to exist in harmony with their neighbors. Furthermore, they should possess a combination of grace, intelligence, and beauty. Because of this, Chinese baby girls are named in a way that encourages femininity. The ideal Chinese woman is virtuous, tender, beautiful in a very feminine way, intelligent with great wit, graceful, and elegant. Now you know what you need to know about Chinese baby names!

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