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The Best Chinese New Year Food 
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Chinese New Year food is a big part of any new year celebration. In fact, the food is nothing less than central to the festivities. The Chinese New Year is similar to the Western one, but the differences are key. It is considered to be one of the most important holidays in the Chinese culture. Alternative names for it include the Spring Festival and the Lunar New Year.

According to the Chinese calendar, the New Year takes place not on the first day of the first month of the year, as in the Western culture, but of the first lunar month. It lasts for about two weeks. The neat thing about the Chinese New Year is that food, banquets of food is served for fifteen days straight until the new lunar moon, for that is when the Chinese New Year happens. Food is a huge part of this tradition. In the states, caterers are brought in and serve many, many people at all sorts of celebrations, but back in China, many of the families cook all of their own foods and cook for many, many people.

There are a few foods that actually have a symbolic nature to them. For instance, the whole chicken can mean family togetherness, and this type of food given during the Chinese New Year can mean that the family will be together and happy throughout the entire year.

Another food item that is served during the Chinese New Year is noodles. Now, noodles are popular in Chinese culture in general, but there is a story behind the noodle. Noodles in Chinese culture can sometimes symbolize a long life line, so serving noodles at Chinese New Year is definitely a great idea. Whether you are serving noodle soup, a noodle side or anything else that has noodles in it, serving noodles for this fabulous holiday is a very traditional and great way to bring in the new year.

There are some other foods that are served at Chinese New Year. For instance, forebears, a citrus fruit is served usually because the name means luck and wealth. There are so many different food types that are served during this amazing time of year that can be based on just the name or pronunciation of the food. Fish is definitely one of the Chinese New Year foods that every single celebration has, one reason is the word 'yu' that usually symbolizes wish or abundance. It has been said that many people serve fish at their New Year celebrations because if the head and tail of the fish are still attached, the year will begin and end on a good note.

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