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The value of Father’s Day 
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Fathers Day is quite a recent idea, with it being celebrated from the early twentieth century. It is believed that the first ever Father’s day was celebrated on July 5 1908. It was celebrated by Dr. Robert Webb in a church of Fairmont, West Virginia. Different countries celebrate Father’s Day on different dates. In Russia it is celebrated on February 23. Italy, Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Bolivia celebrate it on March 19. In Australia and New Zealand it is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. While Japan, Antigua, Bangladesh, Philippines, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Hungary and India celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June.

To promote Father’s Day, a National Father’s Day Committee was formed in New York City by the Associated Men's Wear Retailers. As per the Roman Catholic tradition, Father’s Day was celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day, that is, March 19. However in many countries it has now become a secular celebration. In Taiwan, Fathers Day has a very interesting nick name, “B?b? Day”.

Father’s Day is celebrated with much fanfare by the children. Every attempt is made to make the fathers feel extra special. They are showered with flowers, cards, gifts and much more. Special and surprise dinners are also planned. Various stores offer discounts and sales for Father’s Day to attract more and more customers. If you are away from your family, you can still make your father feel special and wanted on his special day. Various online sites are available on the net that will send your greetings, cards, chocolates and more to your father on this special day. If your father loves flowers, nothing could be better than a bunch of his favorites to express your love. A card, whether you buy it or make it, shall always be special for your father. Card stores offer you a great variety to choose from, that too, much in advance of Father’s Day. You can also cook a special dish for your father and bring an everlasting smile on his face. If you are not really good with cooking, you may reserve a table in your father’s favorite restaurant. If your father has a sweet tooth, a box of sweets, cookies and chocolates would be an ideal gift.

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