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View Anabela Barros English for Your Adopted Child: How to Make Learning Faster and More Fun 5/31/2016 Adopting a child from a foreign country is an inspiring time for your family, but no matter what age the child you welcome into your home is, you're likely going to be faced with the challenge of teaching them English. Don't fret, though, there are many creative and fun ways to accomplish this awesome goal:
View Robert Douglas 8 Tips To Help Your Child From Stuttering 2/10/2010 Parents are the frontline when it comes to giving the best possible care to the child. We give them clothes, food and shelter. But what if the child has a disorder like stuttering? Well, that love continues and you can also do it by knowing these tips.
View Susanne Schmidt Stuttering Help : How To Handle Stuttering in Children 3/19/2010 You might have bought guides in hope of helping your child with a stuttering problem. While many of the methods described are equally appropriate for children, the kid who stutters has particular needs which also should be addressed.
View Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP How to select the right speech language pathologist for your adopted child? 2/20/2009 This article offers suggestions on how to initiate the search for a speech language pathologist for your child. It discusses the necessary credentials such as professional licensure and memberships, important areas of expertise, as well as the stresses the value of professional development. It also explains how to search for providers online utilizing the website of the national speech and language association (ASHA).
View Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP Speech Language Services and Insurance Coverage: What Parents Need to Know 5/27/2009 This article provides information regarding insurance coverage for speech language assessment and therapy services. It contains a list of important questions that parents must ask when speaking to their insurance representatives regarding service coverage. The article lists common service exclusions in policies, and provides some suggestions on how to initiate appeals for denial of services.
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