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View Constance Mckenzie Adopting From Foster Care without Fostering First 5/27/2011 A friend of mine once asked me if she would have to do foster care first before adopting from foster care. She did not want to give up her career to foster a child, however, she felt that to adopt a child privately or otherwise would be a financial burden on her and her husband.
View Constance Mckenzie An Introduction to Foster Care Adoption 7/10/2009 Foster care adoption involves the adoption of a child who is living in the foster care system.
View Constance Mckenzie Foster Care and Foster Parenting 7/10/2009 Foster parenting can be a rewarding experience for both the foster parents and the child placed with them. Qualifications and pre-service training.
View Constance Mckenzie Step Parent Adoption With or Without an Attorney 7/23/2010 Step parent adoption is a common form of adoption. Needless to say, the entire adoption procedure for step parents is usually easier than other types of adoption. For example...
View Constance Mckenzie Stepchild Adoption 7/10/2009 Stepchild adoption can be a difficult undertaking, but if done for the right reasons, it can definitely be worth it!
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