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An Introduction to Foster Care Adoption 
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Foster Care Adoption - What does it all really mean? Foster parenting, also known as co-parenting, is when you have a temporary obligation towards a child who comes into care. The State places children in foster care because the biological parent neglect or abuse the child. The natural parents are ordered by a judge to take parenting courses, behavior management courses or whatever necessary so that they may get their children back along with a date in which to do it. The child is allowed short visits with the parents and during this time the judge evaluates the progress of the parents.

It usually takes 6 months to a year for the parents to complete the judge’s requests, but often there will be extensions. Depending on the circumstances and the rulings of the judge. While the child is in foster care, the state will look for relatives of the biological parents who can take care of the child. This is done to maintain family ties if possible. If the parents are successful in following the judge’s orders, they will get their children back. However, if they fail to comply, the judge will terminate the parent’s rights to their children. They will then be what is known as “wards of the court” or “legally open for adoption”.

A foster care adoption can now take place. First, however, foster parent(you don't have to have previously fostered), must undergo the entire adoption process just like with any adoption. You will be required to attend adoption classes and they are not your basic parenting classes. In these classes you will discuss such things as child abuse reports, acceptance of the child into your family, how to deal with their behavior issues and how to respond if they ask questions about their biological parents. These classes will give you a better understanding of how to cope with a child who has experienced tragedy and dysfunction in their lives.

To be the best foster parent you can, you should be able to truly love a child with all your heart. Taking a child from foster care to adoption is a huge leap. You must realize that it is no longer temporary but a life long commitment and you should love your child as if they were from your own flesh and blood. Every child deserves to be taken care of by a good family. Foster parents who turn real parents for kids in foster care who have been abused and neglected are just some of society’s good Samaritans. For these parents touch and change the children’s lives, as well the children touch and change the parent’s lives, thus, making an attached and happy family.

Connie McKenzie is a part-time work at home mom. She has two beautiful adopted girls and a wonderful husband. My site offers foster care and adoption information, as well as lots of useful resources for those wishing to adopt a child. Child Adoption Matters because as her daughter says, "Child adoption does matter, mommy! 
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