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View cleondann Torah study in early Jewish Childhood Education 3/15/2010 Hillel is a Jewish community day school, seeks to create a nurturing, respectful and academically inspiring environment. These schools are responsible for the development of high moral and diversity in the students. These schools help to understand children what are the religious value of the Judaism.
View cleondann Basics of the International Jewish Schools Studies 3/16/2010 The international schools are also privately owned and managed schools but there is difference in the activities and working of the school. The main aim for the lower school students is to learn how to question, how to think, how to response.
View cleondann Jewish High Schools to Understand Religious and Academic Values 3/16/2010 Hillel is the second largest Jewish preschool that not only prepares a child for higher education but also helps to develop individual character. This program encourages students to participate in different academic, creative and recreational activities and assume campus leadership.

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