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Jewish High Schools to Understand Religious and Academic Values 
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There are different areas of development that children undergo as they grow to become young adults. These steps appear in a rather predictable sequence one after the other. These steps cannot be represented as steps of a ladder leading higher and higher. Instead, They are like spiral shaped and through its various stages or cycles, child start to grow and mature.

Community Day schools and Preschools seeks to provide a broad range of secondary materials and activities designed to supplement students classroom experiences and contribute significantly to their personal growth. These programs are developed to raise the children’s artistic, academic, visual and religious qualities through the time period of different studies. They shall also learn cultural and religious experiences, competitive athletics and different opportunities to show their talent and learn.

Hillel is the second largest Jewish preschool that not only prepares a child for higher education but also helps to develop individual character. The Hillel Office of Student Activities is designed to ensure uncompromising attention to the cultivation of Jewish values in every facet of school. Through Student Activities programs, students are encouraged to create and participate in intellectual, artistic, social, recreational and multicultural activities and assume campus leadership. The governance responsibilities develop positive interpersonal relationships and skills and helps explore different cultures, ideas and experiences and put learning into practice in the laboratory of extracurricular programs. There are number of processes and criteria to consider before taking admission in Hillel’s Jewish education.

1. Admission process is applicable for all Jewish students of any race, gender, color and disability who have ability and characteristics that will enable them to succeed in the day school community. In case of limited vacancies, the qualifying candidates are placed in the waiting list according to grade level.

2. Applicants born outside the U.S. must provide a copy of Legal Residence Status/Visa.

3. Original birth certificate or passport is also compulsive, a copy of which is placed in the school record.

4. Applicants for PKT to K need only an application and teacher recommendations. Applicants for Grades 1-12 require an entrance interview. Applicants for Grades 2-5 spend the rest of the day in Hillel classes. Applicants for Grades 6-12 can demand to spend the day. It is also compulsive for applicants to visit admission office at scheduled time because of security purposes. Jewish preschools are designed to develop spiritual and academic values in the future generation of our Jewish community and learning’s for a lifetime. Early childhood education in Jewish Preschools comes out as the best education system for the development for children.

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