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How To Prevent Your Child From Becoming A Victim Of Daycare Abuse 
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Daycares, like so many other businesses, have their ugly side. For single moms, dads and working parents quality daycare is critical. What is represented, as "quality" too often is nothing more than quantity. Daycare in Georgia has become a very profitable business for some local providers, and more increasingly for regional and national conglomerates. Profitability often hinges on cheap labor. Cheap labor comes in many forms, as so many parents are aware: inexperienced young workers, inconsistent part-time help, and even illegal aliens.

When turnover is high a parent should be concerned. If your child is English speaking, then the worker responsible for your child should also be speaks English. Beware of the inconsistent part-time help that comes and goes. Consistency is vital to quality care. Experience matters - ask about each workers experience.

Addressing these issues can be key factors in protecting your family from daycare abuse.?? Why are so many children coming home from daycare hurt or crying? Why is your child afraid to go back? Lack of proper supervision is the most common reason. The supervisor does not see what is going on between the worker and the child. The worker has no clue or doesn't care about the dangerous object on the floor that one small child will use to cut another.

The underpaid worker is not concerned when another worker takes a child outside by himself where no one else can observe his or her interaction. The supervisor has allowed the worker to child ratio to exceed the state limits to the point where there is no way the worker can keep an eye on every child. The supervisor frequently goes on errands and leaving the childcare in the hands of a part-time person who is not the state licensed director for the daycare. These are just a few typical examples from actual daycare abuse cases I have handled.??

As a result, in just the last few years I have represented parents for a variety of injuries to their children, including punctured eyes, ruptured ears, broken arms and legs, lacerations of every sort, and sexual molestations. The sexual molestations have become more common, and are deeply troubling.

The investigation of this type of daycare abuse almost always involves the crimes against children unit of the local police, a child advocacy center, a local children's hospital, a private counselor and the State of Georgia's Bright From the Start investigators.

The perpetrator routinely denies touching the child, and immediately hires a criminal defense attorney. The insurance company that insures the daycare typically hires an attorney and a private investigator to protect their interests.

Parents often don't know who to speak with, including whether they should speak to their child about what happened. Parents are asked to give statements and sometime feel as if they are being blamed. This is particularly painful. Unfortunately, the nature of these crimes is private.

The perpetrators are rarely caught in the act, as they are careful to isolate the child. The child's forensic interview becomes the critical evidence, together with statements from the perpetrator's co-workers. The child's small innocent voice is usually my only direct evidence that the crime occurred.

If your child h

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