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The Bilingual Verbal Ability Test (BVAT): A Breakthrough in Bilingual Assessment - or Is It?

11/23/2005 In each bilingual individual there is a dynamic relationship between competencies of two languages, therefore, cognitive skills and conceptual knowledge that a given child possesses may be more functional in one language than in the other. The cornerstone of an assessment of bilingual students should be the determination of their total language proficiency. Does the Bilingual Verbal Ability Test (BVAT) do it well? The article was initially published in "Communiqué" (National Association of School Psychologists), 27.
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Discrepancy Formula and Learning Disability Determination of Internationally Adopted Children

11/5/2005 A significant number of internationally adopted children may have learning problems in school and require a lot of remediation and other services at school. These services are regulated by the law, called IDEA, which was recently modified. Dr. Boris Gindis explains what the infamous “Discrepancy Formula” that used to be a part of your child’s evaluation for Learning Disability classification is, and how inappropriate its application is in regards to internationally adopted children.
View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Initial developmental evaluation of an internationally adopted child: is it important? 11/2/2005 A psycho-educational assessment of a child in the native language has not yet become a standard procedure for every older internationally adopted child, but its value is difficult to overestimate. Dr. Gindis explains why and when parents should request such evaluation.
View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. What does my child need: neuropsychological or psycho-educational assessment? 11/2/2005 On arrival to the US with their newly adopted child or later on, when certain problems require parents to go to professionals for a developmental evaluation of the child, many parents are faced with the dilemma: who is the right professional for the evaluation of an internationally adopted child and what can different specialists offer?
Dr. Gindis explains the difference between neuropsychological or psycho-educational assessments of an internationally adopted child and helps you understand which professional you should look for.

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