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Language Usage in Preschoolers

5/24/2010 Last Monday was quite a hectic morning for the local speech and hearing clinic. Examinations were conducted by speech clinicians and hearing technicians for twenty five children to see if there was any speech or hearing problems.
View Cory Ellerd Psychiatry VS Psychology: Similarities and Differences 6/7/2010 There are many interesting similarities and differences, as well as some myths we are going to debunk. Psychologists and Psychiatrists both treat mental health, and one of the first differences you might see is the varied nomenclature. Both terms start with Psych, dealing with issues of the mind, or Psyche. The difference however is the focus during training. Psychology has the suffix -ology, which comes from the Greek word for the study of or science of.
View Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP A case for early speech-language assessments of adopted children in the child’s birth language 2/23/2011 This article reviews the speech and language “red flags” in several different age groups of newly adopted children (0-3 vs. 3+ years) as well as discusses the benefits of early speech and language assessments in the child’s birth language.
View Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP What are social pragmatic language deficits and how do they impact international adoptees years post adoption? 3/14/2011 This article defines pragmatic language impairment, explains the referral process for assessment and intervention of pragmatic language deficits, cites select assessment instruments sensitive to detection of pragmatic language impairment as well as explains the advantages and disadvantages of social pragmatic assessment and intervention in school vs. private therapy settings.
View Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP The Value of Multidisciplinary Collaboration and Follow-up Among International Adoption Professionals 9/12/2012 The article explains the benefits of building multidisciplinary collaboration for parents and international adoption professionals. It offers case examples explaining the importance of professional communication, suggestions on how to develop productive professional relationships with other service providers, as well as explains the numerous benefits of teamwork.
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