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View Diana Daniele ADHD and Anxiety - Which One is the Primary Condition? 8/26/2010 ADHD and anxiety regularly coexist and there is some question as to whether ADHD drives anxiety, anxiety drives ADHD, or whether they are they separate overlapping conditions caused by a biological imbalance of brain neurotransmitter chemicals.
View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Notes on ADHD in internationally adopted children 2/28/2007 ADHD in post-orphanage children is a matter of great practical significance and is an emotionally charged issue for adoptive parents. I have to point out that the core of ADHD - impulsivity, restlessness, and inattentiveness - may be symptoms of many other disorders, or just one of the characteristics of post-orphanage behavior, or social adjustment.
View Kelly Nault What to do when kids go off their meds: brain-based learning strategies for ADD/ADHD 3/12/2006 Brain-based learning strategies for helping hyperactive kids. Teacher resources and parenting tips to help control ADD when kids stop taking stimulant drugs. A likely scenario given the recent publicity about heart-related problems linked to Ritalin.
View EmpoweredD ADHD and Television 10/16/2007 Can television actually cause your child to develop attention deficit disorder?
View August G Are ADHD Vitamins Beneficial For Treating ADHD? 4/17/2008 Do you know that omega-3 and some other common supplements (collectively known as ADHD vitamins by some) are used by doctors to treat ADHD?
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