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View August G Are ADHD Vitamins Beneficial For Treating ADHD? 4/17/2008 Do you know that omega-3 and some other common supplements (collectively known as ADHD vitamins by some) are used by doctors to treat ADHD?
View August G Things You Should Know About ADD-ADHD 5/9/2008 Some use ADD while others use ADHD, but both ADD and ADHD are terms often used interchangeably for a behaviour-relation condition in which kids find it next to impossible to concentrate on any given work for more than even a few minutes at a time and they also have difficulty remaining still for any period of time.
View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Notes on ADHD in internationally adopted children 2/28/2007 ADHD in post-orphanage children is a matter of great practical significance and is an emotionally charged issue for adoptive parents. I have to point out that the core of ADHD - impulsivity, restlessness, and inattentiveness - may be symptoms of many other disorders, or just one of the characteristics of post-orphanage behavior, or social adjustment.
View Cecill Artates The Many Alternative Treatments for ADHD Children 3/28/2008 This article will explore the potential alternative medications as a component of a complementary plan for the treatment of ADHD among children. This article provides information on various alternative treatments which parents and the child's physician may consider.
View Debbie Jeffrey ADHD or Hyperarousal? Hyperactivity in Traumatized and Adopted Children 10/13/2006 Why is it that so many adopted children are diagnosed with ADHD? Debbie, an adoptive parent and counsellor, explains how trauma related to adoption can affect the brain in a way which causese hyperactivity. She outlines briefly some useful parenting strategies for these hyperaroused children.
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