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View Diana Daniele ADHD and Anxiety - Which One is the Primary Condition? 8/26/2010 ADHD and anxiety regularly coexist and there is some question as to whether ADHD drives anxiety, anxiety drives ADHD, or whether they are they separate overlapping conditions caused by a biological imbalance of brain neurotransmitter chemicals.
View Dr Joe Kosterich ADHD – Six Ways To Support Your Child Without Drugs 6/11/2010 Two recent papers show that drugs are not the answer to behavioral problems labeled as ADHD. This condition has been over diagnosed and over treated. Labels and drugs are not helping. Yet there are simple ways to help our children with their behavior and learning.
View Steven Winters Learn How to Deal With an ADHD Child 5/14/2010 Managing a child with ADHD is quite a challenging process. However, gaining proper knowledge can help you to cope with him/her easily. First, you need to accept that there is a problem. Denying the problem neither helps you nor your child. You need to remember that parenting will require more patience than parenting a normal child. If you spouse is strict with the child, you need to be lenient. Following some simple tips can help to deal with the child better.
View Lee Milligan Natural Remedies for ADHD Can Help to Holisticllly Lower Symptoms Without Side Effects 4/15/2010 If you're hunting for natural treatment solutions for ADHD, traditional herbs for ADHD used along with holistic strategies like life style and eating plan alterations, herbal remedies and dietary supplements might provide the safe and effective option that you are looking for. As an alternative to conventional prescription stimulant medicines, lots of people are finding that these things can be extremely helpful for addressing ADHD and ADD symptoms.
View Joe Webb Fostering children with difficult behaviours 3/23/2010 Genetics is thought to be a partial cause of ADHD and this means that ADHD is often passed down in families. Evidence suggests that the risk of a child being diagnosed with ADHD approximately seven times higher for children with a parent or sibling with ADHD.
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