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View Sara-Jane Hardman and Jean Mauro LCSW Why We Need to Attach 4/18/2008 An explanation of the importance of attachment in an individual's life and how to maximize it in a child's development.
View Dr. Art Recognizing attachment concerns in children 11/21/2005 This article describes the subtle signs of attachment difficulties. Many of these subtle concerns can be found in young children adopted from overseas. It is important for parents to be sensitive to the subtle effects of institutional care so that they can appropriately help their children. This article includes some parent annecdotes and specific ideas for parents to use.
View Nicholas Rogu M.D. Reactive Attachment Disorder in the Internationally adopted child 2/23/2006 I have heard that many internationally adopted children are at risk for Reactive Attachment Disorder. What is this disorder and what are some of the signs that parents should look for?
View Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. Reactive Attachment Disorder Checklist 1/11/2006 Reactive Attachment Disorder Checklist
View Linda Busch, PH.D. Older Child Adoption: A Psychologist's Story of Love and Attachment 12/29/2005 Dr. Linda Busch, clinical psychologist and expert in adoption and attachment, tells the story of how she and her husband came to adopt an 8 year old girl from Russia. Dr. Busch believes that most older adopted children are not attachment disordered, but simply need the same time and attention to attach as children raised with their biological parents. Dr. Busch combines self-reflection with her expertise as a psychologist to tell her beautiful story of older child adoption, and offers help and encouragement to adoptive parents struggling with attachment concerns.
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