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View Cynthia Greenblatt Could Your Child Be Dealing with Hearing Loss? 8/2/2010 Your ears are worthy of proper care to avoid the necessity of having to use hearing aids or learn lip reading because of deafness. But it is a shame that great numbers of babies who enter the world with normal hearing, through accident or disease, lose this cherished sense.
View Stephen Reed Sleep Disorders in Teenagers and Young People 7/12/2010 There is a sleep disorder that affects between seven to ten percent of teenagers called Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, also known as DNS. Most teenagers outgrow this disorder by the time they reach young adulthood. Less then one percent of adults are believed to have DSP. Often people mistake this sleep disorder for insomnia.
View Keith Valone Personality Disorder and Comorbidity - The Adolescent Brain on Drugs 6/30/2010 Studies have found that between 61% and 87% of individuals diagnosed with BPD also have major depressive disorders.
View Duncan Brothers Simple Ways To Avoid Asthma Attacks In Children 6/10/2010 Asthma is a condition where the airways in the lungs constrict. The child suffering will struggle to breath and may wheeze or cough. This may last for minutes or even hours depending if they have the proper medications.
View Eugenia Steinfeldt Can Your Baby Hear Well - Find Out By Using This Simple Hearing Test 6/9/2010 Sean was only 36 hours old, and as this 8 pound, 6 ounce infant slept, his hearing was being tested. He was taken by an audiologist to a testing station with a personal computer that looked perfectly ordinary except that it had some wires attached to it.
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