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View Harvey D. Ong A Child's Web Of Sleep 11/28/2007 Sleep is something that adults generally believe children get enough of, but recent studies are showing this may not be true. Sleep can become difficult for children exposed to violent TV programs or news broadcast. In a related avenue, a lack of sleep can cause children to eventually become obese.
View Andrew Van Vooren A Gluten Free Diet Can Affect Autism! 5/24/2008 Special diets and various other treatments that researchers have discovered that can be a tremendous help to those that suffer from autism. Families of children that suffer from autism may become very frustrated while trying to find the proper treatment for their child. One treatment for children with autism is to change their diet to a gluten free diet.
View Nicole Beurkens A Journey Through Infant Development: The Fifth Month 10/13/2008 What behavior is normal at 5 months? Here are some skills you can expect to see in a healthy baby.
View Nicole Beurkens A Journey through Infant Development: The Third Month 8/25/2008 At 3 months, infants show signs that they are developing both physically and relationally. What are the signs?
View EmpoweredD A Study on Kids and Concussions 9/28/2007 While there are some physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision, concussions usually don't cause bleeding or swelling in the brain and don't show up on x-rays.
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