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View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP Feeding problems in a newly adopted child - a case of a picky eater 1/3/2006 “Our 12 month old daughter…is the happiest little baby we've ever met. ..However, she will hardly eat anything at all. The orphanage told us she was a picky eater, but boy is that an understatement. …We were expecting a child who wouldn't stop eating. Never dreamed we'd be in this situation!”
View Mitamins Team Vitamins for better sight 2/14/2007 Your eyesight is certainly not something to be taken for granted. Here we look eat at which foods and vitamins are particularly important to your eye health
View Cynthia Greenblatt Could Your Child Be Dealing with Hearing Loss? 8/2/2010 Your ears are worthy of proper care to avoid the necessity of having to use hearing aids or learn lip reading because of deafness. But it is a shame that great numbers of babies who enter the world with normal hearing, through accident or disease, lose this cherished sense.
View Nicole Beurkens What is Remediation? 10/6/2008 You may have heard the word “remediation” used while trying to find treatment for developmental disabilities. But what is remediation and how can it help your child?
View BK Hackett Anger Management - Children Are At Risk 5/29/2008 You can help to tame the wild beast in you by getting busy when you get angry. Diffusion in anger management terms is a process of decreasing the intensity of anger you feel by diverting angry emotions towards something more useful.
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