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Could Your Child Be Dealing with Hearing Loss? 
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Ears should be cared for, and both hearing aids and lip reading are proven ways to assist those suffering from deafness. It is an unfortunate reality that a large number of babies who enter the world with normal hearing experience loss of this sense due to either injury or illness.

Hearing issues frequently accompany or are the result of an infectious disease such as measles or scarlet fever. An unremitting and serious cold, tonsillitis, sinus infection or diseased adenoids could cause your middle ear to acquire abscess or swell up painfully. There is a risk of hearing loss in children whose symptoms are not addressed by a doctor, or if the doctor's guidelines for dealing with the problem are not precisely followed. Small children, on occasion, will put small items such as a wooden bead or a bean into their ears. If the object can be seen, the caregiver can usually remove it safely. However, if it is gone or jammed in place, you should never pry or push on it.

Call the doctor if you are ever unsure about issues with your child's ear. Occasionally, a tiny bug may fly into the ear. Use a small drop of lukewarm castor or sweet oil into the child's ear. Inserting a sharp object or match or bobby pin should never be done to remove wax from the ear. The use of such objects jeopardizes the health of the ear drum, or may cause some other damage to the ear.

Wax should be gently removed from the outer ear area along - the middle or inner ear. If it is hard to remove, or if it is packed in and deeply entrenched, this is another situation that calls for a doctor. Some ear infections can be attributed to swimming in water that is not clean. Eardrum rupture may occur in certain individuals when they choose to dive from a high location, if no measures are taken to prevent this. The child should not swim underwater or dive if their ears or sinuses are uncomfortable.

Once again, for any pain or noises in a child's ear, or if there is a discharge from the ear, it's time to see a doctor. Unfortunately, there are many children who suffer from hearing loss without their parents or doctors being aware of it simply because the child hasn't complained about any pain or loss. Indications of poor hearing may be frequent inattentiveness when the child is spoken to, if he is slow to learn to talk, or if he has poor pronunciation, and in any of those cases his hearing should be carefully tested by a specialist.

Other symptoms of partial deafness or loss of hearing include fatigue and irritability, this is seen in both adult patients and children. The well-check that is required by most school districts prior to attendance is typically when hearing loss is detected in most small children. The child's doctor should evaluate the child's hearing. The mother ought to consult with a doctor on her child's symptoms if she has her doubts.

There are times when hearing impairment causes children to perform poorly at school, and this sometimes leads to a misconception that they are not intelligent. Some children will even skip classes or school entirely because it is so frustrating to them. Their grades are low - usually at the bottom of the class. Though no one picks up on it, his auditory impairment is to blame for his behavior in school.

All parents expect their children to excel in school. It is your job to ensure that your child is not exposed to any potential hazards that could damage his hearing. If you have wondered whether or not your child is handicapped, it is important that you speak to your doctor and offer him as many opportunities as you possibly can to win over this condition. Ensuring the best possible care for your ears is essential, as your ears are very valuable to you!

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