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View George Rogu M.D. Giardia Infection 12/19/2005 On the post-adoption medical examination, my son who was adopted from Russia had something called Giardia in the school. Why did he get this disease and how serious is it?
View George Rogu M.D. Indication of HIV Infection in the child's records 2/21/2006 We are in the referral stage of an adorable 15 month old baby girl. Her medical reports state that she has had perinatal contact with HIV. The baby has since been tested Negative twice for HIV. What should we know before we proceed?
View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP Post-adoption Vaccinations 12/15/2005 "We returned with our daughter in late July and our pediatrician has told us to get all her immunization and shots redone because he doesn't trust the Russian records. I guess it's the safe thing to do, although that means 2 needles for the next month for five months. Has anyone else encountered this?"
View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP Pre-adoption Vaccinations 12/15/2005 The following vaccinations are strongly recommended for any person traveling to developing or Eastern European countries, including the Republics of the Former Soviet Union. Family members who do not travel to the above-mentioned countries may still need the same vaccinations because of the potential risk of the newly adopted children transmitting diseases to their families.
View James Reilly M.D. Salmonella infection in the Internationally adopted child 2/21/2006 I would like to know about Salmonella in a institutionalized child. Our child had acquired it twice....first at 4 mos....then again was hospitalized for it at 8 months. Is there a deficiency that we should be aware of that keeps him from not contracting this? Also, should we be aware of serious long term effects of Salmonella?
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