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What to know about your kids next preschool 
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What are preschools and elementary schools in Sherman oaks and Van Nuys offer to their students:


  • Exhibits high levels of cooperation, collegiality, and energy.
  • Promotes respect for each other and for learning.
  • Safe and supportive, children's mistakes are accepted, expected and used to promote progress.
  • Fosters pride in and respect for our physical environment.
  • Recognizes and understands that students are unique and individual learners.
  • Embraces outside resources to connect school and community.
  • Supports a strong volunteer component.
  • Curriculum:

  • Embraces asperity significance.
  • Sustains academic standards.
  • Introduces and Exposes students to the arts and humanities.
  • Students:

  • Streaming engagement in to academic and non-academic activities.
  • Have clear knowledge of the lesson objectives and are able to communicate the subject matters.
  • Recognize and accept their responsibility for their work.
  • Striving for excellence and doing their best.
  • Communicate with the teachers about their success and difficulties.
  • Learn and embrace habits of mind that are necessary cornerstones for success in lifelong learning.
  • Participate in community service.
  • Personnel:

  • Support the mission and strive toward the vision.
  • Make decisions based on what is best for the students.
  • Improve their craft through professional development.
  • Recognize each student's learning through differentiating instruction.
  • Enrich students' experiences through extra curricular activities.
  • Leadership:

  • Is a whole school responsibility, encompassing students, staff, parents and the entire community.
  • Promotes teams who study research and best practices in education
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