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View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Educational Classification for Your Internationally Adopted child: How Important Is It? 1/28/2011 I wrote articles and spoke about school issues of internationally adopted children many times because schooling is the major activity of a child between 5 and 18: it affects all other aspects of their psychological functioning. Success or failure at school are critical not only for the future achievements of a child, they are a validation (or a lack of it) of self worth, the basis for a peer group selection and acceptance in it. School activities are on the background of emotional and behavioral stability in the family. No wonder that parents of IA children do everything they can to get help at school for their struggling children, and this, unfortunately, is not a straightforward process.
View Toan Dinh My Baby Fingers - Expanding Communication With Sign Language Classes For Teens 11/24/2009 Growing in popularity, the concept of pre-verbal communication with infants has benefited many families.
View Toan Dinh Help Your Child To Easily Learn Through Explicit Phonics, Visual, Kinesthetic, & Tactile Elements 8/9/2009 Product designers at Child1st look at children first to discover how they learn. We integrate explicit phonics instruction with strategies to engage children with an array of learning strengths.
View Lindamood_bell Why can’t everyone think with numbers? 6/17/2009 Why do some children learn math readily, handle money and time concepts with ease, retain information from year to year, and think with numbers effortlessly? What cognitive processes do some have that others do not?
View Lindamood-bell Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes 6/16/2009 Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes offer learning program for reading, writing, dyslexia, autism, spelling, comprehension strategies, comprehension skills, language process, tutor, fluency improvement, improving, phonics, professional development methods, literacy instruction, tutoring help, instruction at learning school, center, clinic, instruction, children programs. Available independent training, education, learners, spelling help, Dyslexia Teaching, Autism Instruction.
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