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View Bobbie Kahill Pre-schools education in Sherman Oaks 5/30/2008 Sherman Oaks is a quiet and wealthy neighborhood located in the San Fernando valley. It also has a lot of good pre schools which children from all over the neighborhood attend.Folks who live in Sherman Oaks also tend to be gainfully employed and forced to leave their homes for most of the day. For young parents especially who have to go to work, this can prove to be quite a predicament by itself since the kids have to be watched while the busy parent is out there making a living.What's a busy parent in Sherman Oaks to do? Enter pre schools.
View Toan Dinh My Baby Fingers - Expanding Communication With Sign Language Classes For Teens 11/24/2009 Growing in popularity, the concept of pre-verbal communication with infants has benefited many families.
View Toan Dinh Help Your Child To Easily Learn Through Explicit Phonics, Visual, Kinesthetic, & Tactile Elements 8/9/2009 Product designers at Child1st look at children first to discover how they learn. We integrate explicit phonics instruction with strategies to engage children with an array of learning strengths.
View Nicole Beurkens Learning to Think: Part Three - Continuing Mindfulness Throughout the Day 12/2/2008 How useful are rote skills if your students don’t know how to apply them in everyday life? Here are some strategies that will help students learn to think independently.
View Lindamood_bell Why can’t everyone think with numbers? 6/17/2009 Why do some children learn math readily, handle money and time concepts with ease, retain information from year to year, and think with numbers effortlessly? What cognitive processes do some have that others do not?
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