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View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Frustrated Child at School and What Can Be Done About It 9/15/2011 “We adopted our son at the age of 8 and he is with us a little less than three years now. After a few months of a good start in the school, he definitely started experience deep frustration that converted this immature but lovely, friendly, and seemingly happy child into a raging, violent person. But during summer he returns to his “normal” pleasant demeanor. What was wrong and what is to be done?” Dr. Gindis answers this question.
View Lexor Emman Assure Your Kid's Accomplishment in Mathematics 6/10/2010 Parents can assist their kids be much better at mathematics by simply discussing it during the day. Your kid can have much more confidence in school and keep ahead when they have an awareness of numbers before they go to school.
View Doctor PharmD Elementary school women teachers transfer their fear of doing math to girls 4/15/2010 Believing stereotype undermines girls' math performance Female elementary school teachers who are anxious about math pass on to female students the stereotype that boys, not girls, are good at math. Girls who endorse this belief then do worse at math, research at the University of Chicago shows.
View Dallas Brown Secrets to Helping Kids with Their Homework 1/19/2010 Studying can be painful especially when you have tons of assignments to do even after an already hard day’s work. But there are ways to make those burdens lighter. Here are some tips on how to help your kids and make their homework easier.
View Teresa Evans Fun Math Games to Play with a Pack of Cards 8/31/2009 Looking for a way to get kids practicing math skills? You don’t have to have expensive commercial math games. For a fun math game that gets children to practice adding or times tables, just grab a deck of playing cards and you’re ready.
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