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View Sudesh Kumar Motivation in Education 6/18/2008 Basic principles of motivation exist that are applicable to learning in any education situation. The environment can be used to focus the student's attention on what needs to be learned. Teachers who create warm and accepting yet business-like atmospheres will promote persistent effort and favorable attitudes toward learning.
View Doctor PharmD Elementary school women teachers transfer their fear of doing math to girls 4/15/2010 Believing stereotype undermines girls' math performance Female elementary school teachers who are anxious about math pass on to female students the stereotype that boys, not girls, are good at math. Girls who endorse this belief then do worse at math, research at the University of Chicago shows.
View Robert Watson Building a Middle School Science Fair Project 1/31/2008 Building a Middle school science fair experiment is a challenge faced by millions of Preteens around the world. Projects are time-consuming to do, but very worthwhile for everyone involved.
View Monica Craft School Bullying a Typical Issue 11/14/2006 Bullying has been defined as “the tendency for some children to frequently oppress, harass or intimidate other children, verbally, physically or both, in and out of school.” Bullying is the general term applied to a pattern of behavior whereby one person with a lot of internal anger, resentment and aggression and lacking interpersonal skills chooses to displace their aggression onto another person or a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
View Nicole Beurkens Learning to Think: Part Two - Mindfulness Throughout the Day 11/3/2008 Can you teach kids to solve their own problems? Here are some easy ways to introduce problem solving skills to help your students achieve more.
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