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View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Frustrated Child at School and What Can Be Done About It 9/15/2011 “We adopted our son at the age of 8 and he is with us a little less than three years now. After a few months of a good start in the school, he definitely started experience deep frustration that converted this immature but lovely, friendly, and seemingly happy child into a raging, violent person. But during summer he returns to his “normal” pleasant demeanor. What was wrong and what is to be done?” Dr. Gindis answers this question.
View Dr. Art Handling Homework Battles 1/11/2006 Homework is an area that parents and children often battle over. Effectively managing these battles can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful school career for your child. This article summarizes an approach to managing these difficulties.
View Lisa H Are You Dealing With A Math Problem? 3/5/2007 In the past few years there have been more and more students needing special help with math. Not too long ago most of the help was given to students with reading problems. But now, math is taking over.
View Teresa Evans Fun Math Games For Children 8/21/2009 Math games are perfect for school and home. By adding a few fun math games into the classroom or homework routine, you will turn ‘I HATE math!’ into ‘I LOVE math!’.
View Chris Robertson Tutoring Services: Five Tips for Choosing the Best 8/5/2007 How do you make an informed decision about which tutoring service to use? Here are five tips for choosing the best.
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