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View Boris Gindis, Ph.D. Frustrated Child at School and What Can Be Done About It 9/15/2011 “We adopted our son at the age of 8 and he is with us a little less than three years now. After a few months of a good start in the school, he definitely started experience deep frustration that converted this immature but lovely, friendly, and seemingly happy child into a raging, violent person. But during summer he returns to his “normal” pleasant demeanor. What was wrong and what is to be done?” Dr. Gindis answers this question.
View Chris Robertson The Web Makes it Easy to Get Math Help 12/24/2007 Using video lessons that are interactive and cost-effective, students can essentially receive one-on-one math instruction while working through problems at their own pace.
View Dallas Brown Secrets to Helping Kids with Their Homework 1/19/2010 Studying can be painful especially when you have tons of assignments to do even after an already hard day’s work. But there are ways to make those burdens lighter. Here are some tips on how to help your kids and make their homework easier.
View Gary King How to Choose a Math Tutor in New York 11/22/2007 Sometimes the regular school classroom, for a variety of reasons, does not sufficiently improve a student's math skills and achievements. In this situation a math tutor can bring a new perspective to the learning experience that can make the difference between a passing and a failing grade.
View Robert Watson Some Inexpensive Science Fair Assignments for Children 2/1/2008 Science fair assignments can be hard for students who are living a budget. Since certain projects can be very costly, it is in your best interests to keep your student's science project as inexpensibe as you can!
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