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View Teresa Evans Fun Math Games For Children 8/21/2009 Math games are perfect for school and home. By adding a few fun math games into the classroom or homework routine, you will turn ‘I HATE math!’ into ‘I LOVE math!’.
View Teresa Evans Fun Math Games to Play with a Pack of Cards 8/31/2009 Looking for a way to get kids practicing math skills? You don’t have to have expensive commercial math games. For a fun math game that gets children to practice adding or times tables, just grab a deck of playing cards and you’re ready.
View tati2 Tips on transitioning from Kindergarten to Next School 1/24/2008 Help on transitioning from kindergarten to elementary school
View Sudesh Kumar Motivation in Education 6/18/2008 Basic principles of motivation exist that are applicable to learning in any education situation. The environment can be used to focus the student's attention on what needs to be learned. Teachers who create warm and accepting yet business-like atmospheres will promote persistent effort and favorable attitudes toward learning.
View Robert Watson Building a Middle School Science Fair Project 1/31/2008 Building a Middle school science fair experiment is a challenge faced by millions of Preteens around the world. Projects are time-consuming to do, but very worthwhile for everyone involved.
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