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Benefits of Private Tutoring 
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Often private tuitions are referred to as ‘show education’. In my opinion, such private tuition lessons can prove to be a crucial catalyst to your child’s examination success. It has been a debatable topic for a long time now, but, provided the teacher is well qualified and understands a child’s psychology, he can very well motivate an otherwise average child to secure good marks. Studies have also been conducted in England, where the impact of private tutoring was assessed and the researchers have found out that these prove to be beneficial in many cases, but have also raised a few eyebrows over the quality of such tutors and about the regulation of such methods.

That taken into account, it also depends upon how a child copes up to his tutors expectations and is willing to put in his hard work. Of course, there is a down side to every system and this one is no exception. One can say that these tuitions make a child dependent on such ‘special classes’ and he does not learn how to solve the problems by himself. But, if a child, for some reason, is below average in his academics, for such children it is a blessing in disguise. Also, such classes are limited to those who can afford them.

Not every parent has the financial capacity to pay for their child’s schooling and pay for tuitions at the same time. Studies have also shown that white students tend to employ a tutor as compared to other such ethnic groups. In India, for example, it is a common practice and even the “bright” students opt for tuition classes as these help them score an edge over others. We all know how such classes are proving to be almost essential if one wants to sit for any competitive examination. This is an area where a tutor or a “guide” can help a student focus his attention and with his tutors experience and motivation, and his hard work, achieve the desired results.

Parents who do not find enough time to assist their children in their studies also opt for such tuition classes and for them; these are a life-saver. Besides, students who consider themselves efficient enough in a particular subject also tend to take up to teaching tuitions as a supplementary source of income and provided it’s a success, many students take this up as a full time profession. Although issues such as quality of teaching and regulation of tutors are yet to be addressed but, provided one chooses their tutor carefully, and someone who has enough qualification and experience, they are by and large benefited by the same.

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