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Secrets to Helping Kids with Their Homework 
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Studying can be painful especially when you have tons of assignments to do even after an already hard day’s work. But there are ways to make those burdens lighter. Here are some tips on how to help your kids and make their homework easier.

1. The value of the highlighter
It may seem just a marker but it can help a lot in highlighting the important parts in the lessons during the day. That way, it will be easier for your kids to study and answer their homeworks. Often assignments that involve guide questions will involve the highlights of what the teacher discussed during class. Having underlined the parts that the teacher emphasized will give your kids the headstart that they need to conquer their assignments.

2. Start on the hardest
As much as your kids hate to do it, train them to start with the homeworks that they feel they are having problems with. That way, they can devote their time and effort more on the subject that they need to concentrate so much on. Besides, since the easiest ones do not take much effort, it is logical to put them last when the energy level is at the lowest. This however is not recommended for kids who tire easily or give up easily. There are kids who just throw a tantrum when they feel that they cannot do something or complete something. If they become frustrated on a hard assignment, switch it with the easy one just to help your kid regain his footing and his confidence. When that is completed, go back to the other assignment and finish it. The important thing in times like these is to make sure that you do finish the homework. Never allow your kids to give up on an assignment or tell them not to do it since they can’t. This will teach them to just give up on things when things do not go their way.

3. Train them to do it bit by bit
Kids who listen to their teachers, take down notes, highlight or at least do a little bit of something to accomplish the homework will find the task easier to accomplish than someone who starts at it from scratch. Train them to start doing their home works bit by bit so that they will not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the work. Doing this will help teach them not only about making homework a priority but also about accomplishing tasks in general. They will learn that sometimes you need to do a million things first before you can reach your goal in life. This will teach them not to give up that easily.

4. Be there for them
Even if you do not help them in actually answering their homework (after all, it is their duty to do them) at least be there for them when they need you. Make yourself available when they need to ask some questions or when they need you to explain things to them. Don’t do their assignments for them but be there support system. Kids do not actually have the concept of giving you all the work and not doing it themselves. This kind of thing is something that they will eventually learn when you show them that they can. Often, what they really need from you is your presence and your support when they need help.

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