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Tips on transitioning from Kindergarten to Next School 
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Once the most important decision you make at this time of your child’s life, that is starting a new elementary school, you have to make the transition for your child as easy as possible. Since, it is all new and exciting for the both of you; you need to find some ways for your child to to adjust and progress in his or her new environment. After spending several years in the pre-school, your child was taught certain way, had a specific regiment of his pre-school day activities. Now, however your child is not just changing the venue of the school that he or she will be permanently enrolled, but mostly changing the whole perspective of the school functioning. You as a parent along with the teacher have to provide the support your child needs to be able to thrive in the new school environment; and comply with all the rules and policies of that school. But, first it starts with the parent, and your ability to help your child to adapt to the new ambiance. Here are some tips on how to make the transition to the new elementary school easier:

    • Once you narrowed down to several schools, you can make a special arrangement with the school, so that your child can visit and get the feel of the atmosphere of this school. The ideal situation is to just bring your child to the final choice of the school you would like your child to attend.

    • Always give your child a “warning”, in the form of encouraging and motivation in regards to the school they will be attending. Describe all the wonderful things your child should anticipate at this new school, such as activities and extra curriculum; and remind your child how big they are so that they are going to a school for “big kids” (personal experience).

    • Start enforcing early wake up and go to bed. It is important to the kids to learn, that being late or tardiness is not acceptable. While your child is in pre-school, the come in late is not encouraged, but is not as reprimanded as it is in the elementary school, or any low to high school settings.

    • Prepare your child for the school travel; show him or her route to school, and even just drop by on the weekends, so your child gets familiar with the area.

    • Make sure to get a supply list from school for your child, to make sure they have everything they need in order start their new school year. Encourage healthy breakfast and lunches; stock up on flouts and vegetables, and some other healthy snacks your child likes.

    • If the school permits, ask to be present in your child’s class for a few days, in the beginning of the school year, so your child feels comfortable about being there, and learning with their class mates.

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