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View Gareth Hopewell What Are The Benefits of HomeSchooling? 12/8/2009 Despite the many benefits of giving your kids a conventional education, these carefully reasoned points about the benefits of home schooling will make many parents have second thoughts about sending their kids off to school.
View Dorothy Beckmann Looking into homeschooling preparation 10/5/2009 Homeschooling is more than just taking a book and teaching your kids at home. There are some skills that you will need to develop and impart in the kids in order for this type of learning to be effective. Indeed you will also require some serious organization skills in order to plan your teaching session in the most effective way. The aim of this article is to provide you some more information on the planning stage of homeschooling and how to accomplish it in the most effective way.
View Peter Game How to Homeschool Our Child 9/20/2009 Information for home schooling parents.
View Renee Randall Homeschooling Online Curriculum: How To Choose Your Style and Curriculum 8/31/2009 Each homeschooling family has to choose a teaching style and the curriculum they will use. Discover the various ways to approach these decisions.
View Sue Merriam Why International Adoption and Home Schooling Should Go Hand in Hand 5/12/2009 Are you about to bring home your child from overseas? Not only can you home school that child, but you should. Here are some reasons why you may consider home schooling your child.

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