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Why International Adoption and Home Schooling Should Go Hand in Hand 
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Many new parents worry whether they are equipped to parent, but you can not only parent your newly adopted child, but educate her at home as well. Teaching your newly adopted child at home is one of the best gifts you can give her, so while you're preparing to bring your new child home, consider educating her at home as well. Here are some reasons why you may consider home schooling your child.

More One on One Time A child who has been brought into a new country may be overwhelmed with not only a new family, but also a new language, sights and sounds. By teaching her at home you'll provide her with an opportunity to ease into her new culture and adjust to her new family before she has to adjust to more stressful situations, such as a school setting.

Far Better For Developmentally Delayed Children Children who have spend time in institutional settings such as an orphanage are prone to be developmentally delayed. If your newly adopted child is put into a school setting right away, he is likely to be labeled learning disabled. Such labels could stick with him the rest of his schooling. Avoid labeling by teaching your child at home at his level.

Better Opportunity For Bonding Bonding comes from spending time together, and the more time the better. A child enrolled in school will be away from you for eight hours a day or more. Teach him at home, and you will have more together time and lots more opportunities to bond and developing a strong relationship.

Better Socialization Skills Yes, contrary to what you may have heard, children educated at home have better socialization skills than those in a school setting. That's because they learn manners and how to interact with others from their parents rather than their peers. Taught at home, your child will learn to be comfortable talking with those younger and much older.

No One Knows Your Child Like You Do And because of the special situation your internationally adopted child is in, she should spend most of her time, with the people who know her best - her parents.

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